Best Practices for Using an Intelligent Infrastructure to Simplify your Network

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Best Practices for Using an Intelligent Infrastructure to Simplify your Network

By Susan J. Campbell

The concepts of simplification and networks do not always mix, yet achieving a simplified approach in the network can deliver considerable benefits. The challenge is that the increase in telephony, video and business applications transported over a single enterprise network puts more pressure on the network and can even render it unavailable. If this happens, applications cannot run and business cannot be conducted in order to drive revenue.

Alcatel-Lucent understands these challenges and addresses them through the offering of high availability through networks resource and performance management. The company integrated availability in all of its IP networking products through redundant switches, power supplies and switching fabrics, network topologies, WiFi radio coverage, hot swappable modules and failsafe network address management.

Companies don't want fly-by-night fads when it comes to network simplification and an intelligent infrastructure. Instead, they want the design optimized for cost-effective and future-proofed solutions. The product portfolio from Alcatel-Lucent is full of solutions designed to reduce network operation costs through scalability, interoperability and energy efficiency.

As much as network simplification can improve processes and streamline productivity, the company still has to ensure that its critical information is secure. Data breaches can be frequent and companies need to secure their information. With state-of-the-art authentication, authorization and system compliance security infrastructure based on standards that allow IT to maintain control, Alcatel-Lucent can deliver robust and secure results.

Cost-effective control can be delivered through centralized management. With the Alcatel-Lucent IP network management system, a company can enjoy a centralized, enterprise-wide solution to manage all network and key applications. The company can also save money through travel reduction and onsite IT support. IP address management allows for a single, highly available and manageable IP address and DNS system. Service level management ensures IT managers can enjoy an enterprise-wide view at every level.

Mobile access is something that is in high demand in nearly every industry and support of the mobile workforce is essential to drive effective results. With applications from Alcatel-Lucent, the mobile workforce can transparently connect inside and outside of the office through meshed WiFi networks and through Internet tunneling at home. User access is designed to be flexible, managed and secure.

Alcatel-Lucent offers the IP networking solutions that allow the company to transform into the Dynamic Enterprise. And truly, this is a must-have proposition for any company hoping to simplify the network with an intelligent infrastructure. The Dynamic Enterprise must have an always-on network that offers secure, converged communications to anticipate and meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

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