How Can Enterprises Utilize Business Communication Solutions to Improve Their Bottom Line?

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How Can Enterprises Utilize Business Communication Solutions to Improve Their Bottom Line?

By Susan J. Campbell

Communication is a key tool for any organization to use to ensure it can get the job done as efficiently as possible. When communications are customer-facing, it lets the base know what is going on with the company and ensures customers are satisfied and feel valued. While this is a given, internal communications are just as important - although often overlooked.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a mobility solution that integrates mobile users into a Dynamic Enterprise communication framework. This connects their knowledge, which helps to produce an improved business performance environment. It also saves the Dynamic Enterprise money on mobile communications, while also increasing user productivity due to new communication uses that are introduced at the employee level.

With the current competitive environment between mobile carriers, mobile data services can be extremely cost effective for the enterprise. With this lower cost, the company can drive widespread deployment of modern enterprise applications over legacy mobile voice services. At the same time, new communication methods relying on unified communications and collaboration and involve media blending are introduced.

Using the Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite (ICS) and the Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator, the Dynamic Enterprise gains access to consistent, robust and secure communications solutions. With these solutions, the enterprise can deploy modern applications over existing legacy telephony networks. The enterprise can also implement new unified communications and collaboration services as they emerge on professional smartphones.

The Alcatel-Lucent solution is considered the first step towards a new communications architecture with unified communication and collaboration services for the Dynamic Enterprise communications framework. Regardless of the industry in which the business competes, mobile users need direct access to core business and communications processes. This direct access is possible through new modes of communication and collaboration so that they are always connected.

An integrated wireless environment is one new mode that delivers cost reductions and increases overall business performance. The benefits can be balanced by the overall cost of deployment and operation. Advanced smartphones on new mobile network technologies, however, can deliver economical voice and data subscription rates, making it inexpensive for mobile users to employ wireless devices to access corporate resources.

Return on investment is also important for any enterprise when deciding whether or not to implement a specific solution. ROI is assessed in terms of saving money and making money. Alcatel-Lucent pays specific attention to including hard ROI features when designing products and solutions. The company also wants to ensure its clients increase productivity with their solutions to make more money.

When it comes to communications and the bottom line, Alcatel-Lucent offers a strong value proposition to ensure the enterprise can deploy solutions that improve the bottom line, while also solving communications needs.

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