Creating New Revenue Ecosystems by Leveraging M2M Generated Data

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Creating New Revenue Ecosystems by Leveraging M2M Generated Data

By Susan Campbell

In this new consumer-driven, technology-based environment, it is no longer enough to offer a single source service and expect it to satisfy your customers. Even if you still have the best customer service in the industry, you have to able to extend out your offerings to meet current demand or you will find customers will quickly tire of what you have to offer and move on to the next best thing. The key focus for you is to always be the next best thing so you can protect your base.

New revenue ecosystems can be created by leveraging M2M generated data. You already know that the demands on your bandwidth and network have exceeded your original intentions and current, flat-rate pricing and operator gross margins for data services are already becoming unsustainable.

The first reaction was to create usage caps and tiered pricing due to low implementation costs and low complexity. The only problem is these strategies cannot be sustained long-term - especially when competing with providers who have developed more effective ways to drive revenue and increase margins.

On-demand QoS upgrades are one way that you can meet growing demand for exciting new data service, while also using your network resources more efficiently. Such a solution can also generate additional revenues from application and content providers (ACPs), as well as from subscribers. Mobile operators and ACPs can work together to enhance the quality for the end-user.

The on-demand QoS solution relies on the principles of Application Enablement. This industry vision offers more effective ways to counteract the increasing gap between revenues and growth in traffic. It also helps to facilitate sustainable new business models that can drive higher margins and new revenue opportunities by leveraging ecosystems such as those occupied by ACPs.

Trusted network capabilities are combined with the creativity of the Web to provide end users and enterprises a richer and more trusted experience of applications and content. In using this approach, network capabilities are integrated with key Web capabilities and new revenue is generated through business models that embrace a new community of creative developers.

Sustainable revenue and healthy margins are driven through data when key relationships are leveraged within the ecosystem. The operator cannot do it alone as consumer demands are outpacing the network's ability to change. The good news is that the opportunities in this space are immense and with the right partnerships and business models in place, every network operator has the opportunity to leverage new directions.

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