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November 2010

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How Can Service Providers Improve Service Delivery by Leveraging Application Enablers?

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By Susan J. Campbell

The industry is changing rapidly as users throughout the mobile service segment are demanding richer content and innovative applications on a number of different devices. The information they want must be delivered on any device at anytime and anywhere or the service provider runs the risk of chasing a customer to the nearest competitor.

To improve the delivery of service, which is a priority for any service provider expecting to thrive in a tight market, they must leverage application enablers. This is to ensure they can keep up with the current demand, deliver the solutions the consumer today wants, and create new and innovative solutions that will meet the demand over the long-term.

Service Providers Gain Edge with Multimedia Smartloading

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By Ed Silverstein

As a leader in fixed and mobile broadband, Alcatel-Lucent can ensure users adopt an optimal approach for distributing media to consumers, focusing on business models that ensure the highest level of subscriber uptake.

In addition, Alcatel-Lucent has a clearly-articulated multimedia strategy. Alcatel-Lucent enables service providers to deliver a range of multimedia services — including live video, VoD and PVR content — to today’s connected devices, unlocking new revenue opportunities.

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