ACPs' Growing Role in the Mobile Data Experience

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ACPs' Growing Role in the Mobile Data Experience

By Beecher Tuttle

The telecommunications space has undergone some dramatic transformations over the last few years. Advances in web, mobile device and operating system technologies have raised users' expectations of the reliability and speed of a given network, and the quality of applications and content that is available through that network. This trend has created a new playing field where network providers that want to improve the overall user experience are being forced to build closer relationships with application and content developers.

In the past, network operators created massive barriers for developers to gain access to the provider deck, including grueling approval processes and the myriad of the devices that they were forced to support. However, some of the leading network providers have recently begun to understand the importance of creating strategic partnerships with developers to improve the overall experience of the end user.

Alcatel-Lucent recently published an article describing how the rules of engagement to creating an attractive mobile marketplace have changed for network operators. Due to the widespread adoption of highly innovative mobile devices, application and content developers now have the leverage to garner minimal initial investments, 70/30 revenue shares in favor of the developer, straightforward approval processes as well as a fast and predictable route to market.

"Overall, providers are realizing that their role has changed and that they can no longer be the sole architect of their end users’ mobile data experience," wrote Jon Capetz and Xavier Mas, the two authors of the article.

"To improve innovation, providers must look at reducing the costs of working with ACPs, including, potentially, the trade-off of a portion of control: developers are now being allowed to choose the branding, the pricing and the method of engagement with customers," they added.

Network providers that understand these lessons can gain an advantage over their competition by offering the highest quality of experience for network users.

The article goes on to detail how providers can succeed under these new rules of engagement and how Alcatel-Lucent can help them reach their goal of improving the overall user experience through collaboration with developers.


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