Creating and Managing a Single Virtual Resource Pool to Simplify Staff Workflow

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Creating and Managing a Single Virtual Resource Pool to Simplify Staff Workflow

By Susan Campbell

A staff with a complicated workflow is costing your organization too much money. This is true whether you are operating a customer-centric contact center or a company that has outsourced its customer care. The operations of the customer service center are extending to other elements of the enterprise and transforming knowledge workers into on-demand experts. In taking this approach, innovative companies are leveraging their tools today to drive results tomorrow. These companies are creating and managing a single virtual resource pool to simplify staff workflow and deliver a better overall experience for all involved. 

For those operating in the contact center space, this approach is increasing productivity, improving the customer experience and contributing to a healthy bottom line. This shift is not only being enabled by Unified Communications (UC) platforms in large enterprises, but also through the convergence of enterprise networks to IP-based infrastructures. Whether a company has UC or IP in place – or both – will dictate the most effective business model to drive success. For instance, knowledge workers are sometimes more effective when incorporated into the contact center only on a part time basis. 

Employees leveraging those knowledge workers need to know when they are available and presence provides that capability. UC platforms enable presence to link knowledge workers from diverse back office departments into the front office point of service operations to drive real-time collaboration and communication. With presence in place, all users can know if an enterprise UC user is available on the network and able to communicate with colleagues and even possibly agents and customers. While presence has been a key focus within the contact center for years, it is now making its way throughout the enterprise to streamline the workflow and make sure customers and collaborates have real-time access to the experts they need.

While presence is being rolled out into the enterprise, industry experts believe that a complete integration between the contact center and the enterprise is close behind. 

The Yankee Group even predicted that presence management integration in the contact center will lead the way through a rapid ROI, expense reduction, real improvement in both customer and agent satisfaction and retention levels the customer service metric that is often the most important – first contact resolution. Presence allows the organization and the contact center to know exactly what needs to happen and when, based on the experts who are available at any given time. This step is essential in creating the optimal customer centric approach to business and building a healthy bottom line.


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