How Smart Metering Technology Can Help Enterprises Lower Energy Consumption

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How Smart Metering Technology Can Help Enterprises Lower Energy Consumption

By Beecher Tuttle

In today's volatile economic times, enterprises and SMBs of every size and stature are looking to lower operating costs to improve their bottom line. To achieve this goal, a growing number of companies have made the decision to embrace green energy solutions, which can help eliminate the incredible amount of power that is wasted each year in the course of delivering electricity through a traditional grid. These cost-saving initiatives are also being adopted by companies that are looking to become more eco-friendly.

According to a recent CIO Magazine survey, more than 54 percent of IT executives indicated that their company has already implemented environmental sustainability initiatives, with both business and social reasons in mind.

Many of these enterprises that are working to implement green energy solutions on a holistic level have turned to intelligent networks and smart metering technologies. An intelligent network, which refers to substation automation, distribution automation and smart grids, can help an organization enhance the utilization of network assets through intensive monitoring and analytics. When integrated with smart metering technologies, these networks can boost energy reliability, optimize power flow and allow the enterprise to allocate their investments elsewhere.

Specifically, this integrated technology tells the enterprise exactly how much energy is being consumed at different points in each day and year. IT decision makers can then use these intelligent networks to moderate power distribution based on the peaks and valleys of energy needs.

However, to take advantage of intelligent networks and smart metering technologies, enterprises need to establish a reliable, homogeneous and flexible communications infrastructure, which obviously helps them in other areas as well. In today's technological era, a single network can support corporate voice, video and data applications, as well as modem-based SCADA applications, Ethernet-based services for future automation applications, and intelligent network and smart metering applications.

Comprehensive network management can ensure flexible, reliable and secure traffic management while also allowing an enterprise to control energy consumption with little time or effort.


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