Alcatel-Lucent: Market 'More than Ready' for Multi-screen Services

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Alcatel-Lucent: Market 'More than Ready' for Multi-screen Services

By Susan Campbell

Consumers today are carrying multiple devices and service providers need to develop solutions that enable rich content delivery and applications across all of those devices if they hope to be able to effectively compete in this market. This is especially true as the line between traditional broadcast TV and online multimedia content is quickly blurring.

Today’s consumer wants to be able to watch TV and video content without having to be tied to a fixed program schedule or the home television. Consumers are rapidly adopting more flexible viewing experiences that include connected and mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, netbooks and more.

As flexible as these devices are, consumers also don’t want to have to be tied to just one device, demanding that service providers offer flexibility in their service delivery. Those who can leverage best practices in this space will not only survive, but also drive strong profitability.

According to research from Alcatel-Lucent, the market is more than ready for multi-screen services. In fact, a 2010 survey of the global youth market identified that 71 percent of respondents would use a multi-screen service and 65 percent would be willing to pay for the privilege. Another 63 percent said they would remain loyal to their current provider, if multi-screen services were offered.

The firm also found that there is extensive interest in multi-screen services in Western Europe. Of this market, 50 percent expressed an interest in these services, and 27 percent expressed a strong interest. Smartphone users showed the strongest interest, especially in features such as remote PVR, pause and resume, and program search.

The market is already enjoying the benefit of multi-screen devices from major media industry players, such as content providers, broadcasters, advertisers and device vendors. All of these players are vying for market share and with assets that include multi-platform infrastructures, established customer bases and subscriber relationships across multiple platforms, service providers ready to capitalize are perfectly positioned.

Service providers don’t need motivation to make the jump to multi-screen – the revenue opportunities alone provide this drive. Instead, they need solutions that will enable them to attract and retain subscribers, secure a central role in the multimedia value chain and generate sustainable revenue across all screens leveraged.

In working with Alcatel-Lucent, these service providers can leverage the company’s comprehensive Multimedia Strategy and end-to-end multi-screen solutions to speed time to market for solutions; address consumer demand with personalized content; maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancy; and develop profitable media business models.


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