Alcatel-Lucent to Demonstrate Power of the LTE Connected Car

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Alcatel-Lucent to Demonstrate Power of the LTE Connected Car

By Susan Campbell

Alcatel-Lucent has announced that it is collaborating with China Mobile to highlight a variety of high-value applications for an Audi A8 automobile supported by the mobile network. These applications in the “connected car” will be based on Alcatel-Lucent’s commercially available infrastructure, designed to support Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, Time Division Duplex (TDD) and frequency Division Duplex (FDD) to ensure seamless global coverage.

The connected car is expected to make an appearance on the streets of Barcelona as Alcatel-Lucent and application partners LiveCast and Vidyo offer drive demos in a brand new LTE-driven alternatively LTE enabled Audi A8 cruising the neighborhood around the Arts Hotel.

This LTE Connected Car was demonstrated in Dubai in October, promoted as the ng Connect Program’s connected car that served as an example of how technology is supporting a new class of vehicle-centric, travel-centric and entertainment-centric applications and services that are expected to transform the total experience for the end user.

“We are delivering a really cool driving experience in a really cool car using cutting-edge technology,” said Ken Wirth, President, 4G LTE Wireless Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, in a statement. “What we are demonstrating is the ability of Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE Solutions to support the same kinds of advanced applications in both TDD and FDD spectrum, ensuring that all members of the LTE ecosystem can participate in the broader global value chain.”

The demonstrations of the connected car show the commercial readiness of the integrated end-to-end TLE TDD and FDD solutions from Alcatel-Lucent. The project also highlights the close collaboration between Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile surrounding the development of LTE.

To assist operators in leveraging LTE technology, Alcatel-Lucent is supporting applications across both modes of LTE. The company is focused on development a new range of connected devices and applications, such as automobiles, that will create new revenue opportunities and unleash new business models.

As a result of the ng Connect Program, the connected car helps Alcatel-Lucent pioneer the concept of LTE in-vehicle connectivity and multi-industry ecosystem development. The company has worked directly with Audi this year to bring LTE-enabled automobiles one step closer to commercial availability.

According to Michael Dick, Board Member for technical development at AUDI AG, the company plans to make LTE technology a feature available in their commercial production line of cars. Often described as the virtual smartphone on wheels, this concept could soon come to a dealer near you.

Alcatel-Lucent provides the end-to-end LTE converged solution, the “zero footprint” base station and a Wireless Packet Core to support the drive demonstrations. The company, along with its demonstration partners, is showcasing how the network and applications such as video streaming, navigation, virtual desktop, live broadcast, video conferencing, and music downloads are integrated by Alcatel-Lucent’s end-to-end LTE solution with both TDD and FDD coverage.

The software-based telepresence technology for high-quality video conferencing is provided by Vidyo, while LiveCast delivers proven live mobile video platform for HD quality video streaming with integrated telemetry and GPS location data.

The connected car is set to take technology, communications and time on the road to a completely new level. With planned drive demonstrations, Alcatel-Lucent is creating excitement for its latest LTE innovations that will create new revenue opportunities for operators seeking to survive in an intensely competitive market.


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