Creating Differentiated Applications and Services for LTE Networks

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Creating Differentiated Applications and Services for LTE Networks

By Susan Campbell

What would you do be able to do with a connected car? Alcatel-Lucent had a hand in taking mobile broadband truly model by working with partners to create and launch the first LTE Connected Car, as featured in this company video. Owners can truly leverage everything they enjoy – and more – with their PC or smartphone while in the Connected Car.

Capabilities leveraged with the LTE Connected Car span the categories of entertainment, infotainment, security and driving-related services. These services include video-on-demand; gaming; home control; enhanced communications services; eCommerce; WiFi  hotspot; advanced navigation; enhanced safety, convenience and security; and road and vehicle monitoring.

The LTE Connected Car is a true demonstration of the ability to leverage LTE to create differentiated applications and services. This innovation provided a way to bring LTE to a completely new vertical and enable those competing in this space to capitalize on new opportunities while responding to growing consumer demands.

For the car maker, the Connected Car provides a great value proposition as it allows the manufacturer to connect with the customer post purchase. This not only reinforces the customer’s satisfaction with their purchase, it also enables the manufacturer to learn how they can improve the model to better appeal to a wider base and move toward additional solutions.

The LTE Connected Car showcase was the result of a collaborative effort between Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records, QNX Software Systems, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., chumby and Kabillion. These companies came together with a like vision to develop new innovations that leverage LTE and expand capabilities into new markets.

Their collaboration was a result of Alcatel-Lucent’s ng Connect Program, a multi-industry collaboration among leading network, device, application and content suppliers. All companies collaborating together through the ng Connect Program are focused on developing pre-integrated examples of applications and services specifically for 3G and 4G/LTE networks.

As exciting as the LTE Connected Car truly is, there are other opportunities in the market that can be optimized by leveraging LTE. As captured in this recent blog on The Shift, there were a few trends that emerged in 2010 that truly defined the year and all of these trends increase the demand for LTE: the launch of the iPad; content virtualization reached a tipping point; healthcare took on new meaning in the new age of patient information; the convergence of social networking with everything else; and millennials storming the workplace.

The good news is that collaborative partnerships as a result of the ng Connect Program are focused on developing differentiated applications and services that leverage LTE to appeal to the changing markets. In doing so, this is creating new opportunities for development and changing the way we live in the technological age.

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