IMS from End-to-end

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IMS from End-to-end

By Susan Campbell

The market for service providers is changing and those who are ready to embrace these changes and drive revenue will find themselves leading their respective segments. These would-be leaders need to leverage the opportunities in applications and video by creating platforms for intuitive and compelling content.

Service providers can partner with Alcatel-Lucent to leverage the company’s end-to-end IMS solutions and reinvent communications. Alcatel-Lucent’s offerings help service providers to make the changes they need to their communications services so as to deliver fixed, mobile and Web access in a way that is quick, smooth and economical. IMS solutions are used to migrate to an all-IP network where they can drive profits by optimizing costs and service delivery within those solutions.

Network intelligence and Web application innovation are coupled to provide customers with innovation solutions that are both agile and experimental. As a new conversation experience, such platforms enable rich voice, intuitive messaging, video communications and collaboration. Alcatel-Lucent extends IMS APIs to service providers to enable their own – or third party – developers to create and deploy a number of innovative applications.

The IMS solutions offered by Alcatel-Lucent can easily be combined with a comprehensive portfolio of professionals services so that service providers are equipped with a trusted IMS network foundation. Such a foundation then enables the service provider to be a leader in the new communications market.

Multimedia communications with IMS include fixed voice transformation, multimedia communications, business communications, application enablement and new mobile services. When service providers are able to extend multimedia communications, customers are empowered to better connect, share and organize conversations with video and rich communication services applications including multimedia instant messaging, contact aggregation and presence in the network.

 With fixed voice transformation, IP Voice services are enabled and PSTN modernization is supported to allow service providers to deploy fixed VoIP services for both broadband and narrowband access. Business communications allow service providers to engage enterprises with a wide variety of services that drive efficiency and productivity, including IP Centrex, unified business communications, unified business voice and trunking.

Service providers can also leverage Application Enablement to rapidly create and deploy a number of applications with a comprehensive set of IMS APIs to allow for creative innovation with developers. Providers can also extend new mobile services as a result of the transformation of legacy and SMS services to all-IP, including VoLTE, multimedia messaging, video communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence.

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