Alcatel-Lucent's Optism Enables Mobile Providers to Drive Revenue Through Personalized Experiences

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Alcatel-Lucent's Optism Enables Mobile Providers to Drive Revenue Through Personalized Experiences

By Susan J. Campbell

Mobile consumers everywhere are beginning to leverage personalized mobile marketing and advertising to enhance their experiences. Companies offering such services are profiting from this new approach to mobility. Alcatel-Lucent is playing a powerful role in enabling these companies to implement innovative mobile advertising services that get results.

In the summer of 2010, Mobinil adopted the Optism solution from Alcatel-Lucent to implement an innovative mobile advertising service for subscribers. Later that same year, Tigo selected the Optism solution to accomplish the same thing, making it the first launch of Optism in West Africa.

For Mobinil, the company was seeking to offer something that would provide a more positive experience for consumers, while also attracting advertisers. At the same time, the selected solution needed to provide a service with measurable results. Such metrics would enable Mobinil to understand the needs and preferences of subscribers better, while also enhancing the value of the service to advertisers.

With Optism, Mobinil was able to create an advertising inventory highly valued by its brands, while also safeguarding relationships with subscribers. The business model put in place ensures Mobinil shares the profits with other members of the ecosystem and handles the relationship with media sellers on behalf of operators. As a result, Mobinil does not have to worry about that aspect of the business.

Likewise, Tigo was seeking ways to increase revenues and differentiate its services. The company wanted to meet the needs of advertisers and deliver value to its subscribers. Within Ghana, 95 percent of subscribers are pre-paid and Tigo wanted a solution that would enable it to get closer to subscribers to build out loyalty.

With Optism in place, Tigo was able to create a highly valued advertising inventory that would allow brands to engage directly with an opted-in receptive mobile audience. Optism also put in place a business model to ensure that Tigo shares in the profits with other members of the mobile marketing ecosystem. And, the relationship with media resellers is handled on Tigo’s behalf.

For both companies, Optism helped to provide subscribers with content they actually wanted to receive. The information delivered is valuable and is provided by brands they actually care about. Both companies were also able to learn about their subscribers, which put them in a better position to determine the best service offerings that are more likely to be received by subscribers.

Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent, both companies are in a position of competitive advantage within their markets, delivering value-added services to subscribers and developing services that better meet the needs of their paying customers.

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