How Service Providers Can Take On Customer Experience Challenges

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How Service Providers Can Take On Customer Experience Challenges

By Erin Harrison

It's indisputable that improving the customer experience, the way end users interface with a company's support people and business processes, will improve the service provider's bottom line.

According to Alcatel-Lucent, customer experience challenges that service providers face include: the cost of acquiring new customers; technical support and customer support/help desk.

“For many service providers, the new path to profitability is a holistic approach focused on anticipating customers’ needs and improving their Quality of Experience (QoE),” according to an Alcatel-Lucent article that points out the customer experience has not always been a priority for service providers.

With services and devices becoming more complex, one of the biggest challenges is rising support call volume. When customers have problems, they come to service providers for help. In fact, an Alcatel-Lucent article pointed out that recent research indicates that customers are up to three times more likely to turn to service providers for support than to device or app makers.

Technical support is also a balancing act for service providers since on one hand they have to address the demands of customers but also have to look out for their own needs, which include streamlining operations, trimming support costs and improving profitability.

Today’s customers want fast, reliable and flexible support; service providers in turn can deliver that by building greater efficiency into their technical support and operations. An enhanced and efficient help desk can help service providers keep customers engaged, and interested in future up-sell and cross-sell offers, according to Alcatel-Lucent.

With the right strategies and tools, service providers can make sure relevant, valuable information is always available and delivered when it’s needed most, starting with the help desk.

Alcatel-Lucent offers Service View for Mobile, which is an Alcatel-Lucent Customer Experience Transformation, giving service providers greater visibility and control.

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