Alcatel-Lucent's Motive Division Wins 4G Contract with Verizon & ServiceView Wins Prestigious Award

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Alcatel-Lucent's Motive Division Wins 4G Contract with Verizon & ServiceView Wins Prestigious Award

By Beecher Tuttle

Alcatel-Lucent dominated the telecom headlines last week with two fairly big announcements in the 4G space. The first occurred on Tuesday, when Verizon Wireless confirmed that it will rely on Mobile Device Management (MDM) software from Motive, a division of Alcatel-Lucent, to manage the growth of its 4G LTE Network.  The second piece of Alcatel-Lucent news came at 4G World in Chicago just days later, when Motive's ServiceView for Mobile solution won the “Best of 4G” award in the “Best User Experience for Mobile” category.

With the Motive software in hand, Verizon will be able to remotely provision, configure, update, manage and troubleshoot 4G LTE devices with no complications for the customer. The solution is designed to make device set-up and management as easy and intuitive as possible for a wide variety of next-gen headsets.

“It’s important that our customers and employees can set up and use 4G LTE devices and applications as easily and seamlessly as possible, so they can further optimize how they experience the power and speed of our 4G LTE network,” Ed Diaz, executive director, Network at Verizon Wireless, noted in a statement. “The Motive solution is critical to delivering that experience.”

The Alcatel-Lucent ServiceView solution was honored with the award due to its ability to enable service providers to both reduce their operating expenses while also improving the service that they offer their customers. ServiceView for Mobile accomplishes these goals by providing help desk operators with visibility over a subscriber’s mobile device, the networks it is utilizing and the current network conditions that the subscriber is facing.

Leveraging this solution, operators can minimize calls to the help desk, lower average handle times, reduce churn and advance first call resolution numbers. The end result is an improved customer experience and a better bottom line for the service provider.

"Preparing for the introduction of 4G devices and services, mobile service operators need to think of how to improve their customers’ service experience while reducing operational costs," said Ben Geller, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Alcatel-Lucent. "[The] Motive ServiceView for Mobile does exactly that."

Needless to say, it was a fairly decent week for Alcatel and its Motive division. Stay tuned to see what they accomplish next.

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