Customer Experience Transformation Ensures Satisfaction and Profitability

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Customer Experience Transformation Ensures Satisfaction and Profitability

By Susan J. Campbell

The customer relationship for the service provider can offer an on-going lesson on the power of expectations. These relationships have been complicated by the introduction of new devices, services and apps, putting more pressure on the service provider to meet heightened customer expectations to ensure satisfaction. Optimal customer experience management demands a customer experience transformation.

A recent Alcatel-Lucent-sponsored article, “Supporting a Better Customer Experience,” explored these complexities and the importance of smart support delivered to end users to improve customer satisfaction, and as a by-product, profitability. The customer experience transformation is possible through leveraging key subscriber data and developing solutions and services customers demand to meet their needs today and into the future.

The consistent introduction of new devices into the service provider/subscriber mix is increasing the complexity of the relationship. When customers experience problems with their devices, they reach out to the service provider for help. If the customer cannot get the needed support from the service provider, frustration ensues. This frustration then lowers the perception of the customer experience and can fuel dissatisfaction.

Recent research is instructive:

  • According to Convergys, 40 percent of customers will consider switching service providers after a bad experience.
  • The Strativity Group suggests that dissatisfaction increases the likelihood of customer churn by a factor of 10, heightening the importance of customer experience management within the service provider’s overall strategy for success.

In all reality, improving customer relationship efforts also helps to offset the decline in application and service usage rates and service revenue that can result from customer dissatisfaction.

The key to positive change for the service provider is not only a focus on customer experience management, but also an effort to balance customer satisfaction and profitability. This balancing act is most evident within the help desk environment as customers seek out help desk associates for help on service, devices, applications or even problems that have nothing to do with the service provider offering. If help desk agents lack quick access to information on devices, applications, networks and services, the customer experience is degraded and the cost of care can skyrocket.

Fortunately, the customer experience transformation can take place within the help desk environment as it offers an opportunity for differentiation. With a customer-first approach, service providers can turn the help desk into a vital division that attracts, satisfies and retains customers. This customer-focused support ensures all customer needs are met and customer satisfaction is maximized.

To drive the customer experience transformation, Alcatel-Lucent offers the Alcatel-Lucent Customer Experience Transformation (CXT) program to enable service providers to focus on a customer-first strategy.

The CXT program ensures the delivery of best-in-class customer experience management (CEM) and provides a portfolio of purpose-built solutions and patented consulting methodologies to enable the prioritization and implementation of data-driven and precise improvements in existing products and services. Service providers are then armed with the necessary tools to transform the customer experience in a way that drives brand loyalty and secures superior relationships with all customers.

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