Driving DSL Network Performance Excellence with Motive Network Analyzer

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Driving DSL Network Performance Excellence with Motive Network Analyzer

Susan J. Campbell

Driving DSL Network Performance Excellence with Motive Network Analyzer

A dramatic rise in the performance required of digital subscriber line (DSL) networks is being caused by consumer adoption of bandwidth-demanding triple-play services. With the support of new real-time voice and high-definition video services, DSL network lines are now operating closer to their physical limits. This is straining copper and fiber capabilities and making them more vulnerable to quality and stability problems in delivering high quality experiences to individual households.  

To meet these challenges, service providers must have the right tools and processes to meet the expectations of customers on DSL networks, while also preventing the escalation of operational expenses (OPEX) in doing so even as migrations to all fiber connections are taking place.

This fall Alcatel-Lucent announced that its Motive Network Analyzer surpassed the 100 customer mark. The big draw for this solution is its ability to enable service providers to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot all DSL problems across fiber and copper that can affect the customers’ experience when leveraging broadband service.

The Motive Network Analyzer offers a Dynamic Line Management (DLM) module to guarantee the optimal experience for high-bandwidth services over DSL, and remotely manages networks with fiber access to improve customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost. It also offers a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that creates a list of possible causes when a line defect occurs.  And, it provides assistance to the customer support team to speed problem resolution.

Alcatel-Lucent’s focus on CXT is extensive.  The company is committed to providing the necessary tools such as its Motive Network Analyzer products as they optimize copper and fiber loops to the maximum bit rate and stability possible with its Dynamic Line Management. This ensures the DSL networks are stable at all times, even when lines are upgraded or when services requiring higher bandwidths are deployed.  It means mitigation of the risks that customers will have less than quality experiences even if the last mile of their loops are cooper.

The Motive Network Analyzer reduces operational expenses through:

  • Streamlined service delivery
  • Improved service roll-out decisions
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enhanced quality management
  • Faster problem resolution 

It also importantly helps to eliminate the limited visibility service providers have into their fiber access infrastructure to optimize performance for all subscribers.

As noted in the announcement of the passing of the customer milestone, Ben Geller, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Alcatel-Lucent stated:

“Today, we are celebrating an important milestone with our Network Analyzer product. Having more than 100 customers around the world clearly shows the value it brings to service providers…A key element of our Customer Experience Transformation (CXT) solution portfolio, it helps service providers focus on a customer-first strategy, fostering brand loyalty and enabling them to establish a superior relationship with their subscribers.”

Alcatel-Lucent provides two flavors of the analyzer:  the Network Analyzer-Copper and the 5530 Network Analyzer-Fiber.

The Network Analyzer-Copper:  Provides integrated line testing, diagnosis and optimization, enabling service providers to meet quality and stability requirements with their DSL lines, while also providing greater visibility into DSL loop quality to ensure problems are avoided, anticipated and quickly resolved.

The 5530 Network Analyzer – Fiber:  Is the first of its kind of technology to drive the maximum reliability within the fiber access network. This optical remote management product provides the service provider with the necessary tools to proactively detect fiber equipment degradations and failures, while also enabling enhanced troubleshooting capabilities.

Quality of experience (QoE) is becoming a critical differentiator between services and service providers.  This means that having tools that give visibility into loop performance and enable manageability of the last mile to assure experiences are best-performing and can be readily spotted and fixed if they are not, is in many ways becoming indispensible. 
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