Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips for Success

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Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips for Success

By Susan J. Campbell

As consumers, we are constantly on the go with a mobile device of some kind in our hand providing directions, connection with a colleague or access to the data we need to close the big deal. The same device guides our social lives as we’ve come to rely on smart devices to manage our activities, content and connections. For brands, this provides the perfect opportunity to develop an Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy.

A recent blog by Mihai Vlad of Alcatel-Lucent’s Optism unit entitled, Thinking Human: Six Steps for Building a Successful Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy, highlights the opportunity that exists with the proliferation of the mobile phone as the must-have device. By developing an Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy, mobile operators, marketers and their brands can ask permission before engaging with consumers. In doing so, it provides unprecedented access to the consumer’s attention and the opportunity to build trust.

Simply implementing an Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy is not the guaranteed road to success, however. Companies must have a clear plan in place that gains attention, builds trust and drives engagement. Here, we’ll take a look at what Optism believes are six important steps for building the right Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Be Transparent – if you aren’t clear on what you expect from the consumer and what you will provide if they opt-in, they will likely click right through to the next offering. Be upfront and honest and don’t forget to be clear that they can opt out at any time. Once you have their attention, focus on what they like – ask questions and do something with the answers.

Leave the Bribes to the Politicians – remember that an incentive is not the same thing as a bribe. It’s OK to offer value to opt-in, but that value needs to be delivered on a consistent basis. Provide information on great deals, offer coupons and notice of special events. If you offer a great prize or content entry for joining, your opt-out numbers will soar. Go for long-term value and search out those consumers that are truly interested in your service or product.

Leave the Jargon to the Lawyers – if I can’t understand your offer in the first few words, you’ve already wasted my time. Use clear language in your Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy by using the same approach you would when talking with friends. Avoid the use of marketing speak and clever turns of a phrase – mobile users want quick and to the point or they’re on to the next thing.  

K.I.S.S. – you know you’re supposed to keep it simple stupid, but you forgot in the quest for impressing your audience. You don’t need to collect everything you need in one exchange – consumers will push back if you try. Think of your Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy like dating – you can’t propose marriage on the first date if you hope for date number two.

Are you Ready for This – even with the best intentions integrated into your strategy, consumers will still surprise you by acting outside of your expectations. Be ready for anything, even if your focus groups portray a particular picture. The ability to make changes quickly when things don’t go according to plan will set you apart from your competitors and put you in a better place strategically for gaining insight and increasing your ROI.

Keep it Local – remember that permission-based mobile marketing is about reaching out to an individual and engaging at a personal level. No universal rules exist that apply to all people in all cultures all the time. Learn local customs, preferences and habits if you hope to make a direct connection with that consumer.

You truly only have a limited amount of time to successfully engage the consumer in your Opt-In Mobile Marketing Strategy, so you have to get it right the first time. What the six tips show is that being honest, open, straightforward and consistent is the way to engage customers.  In the online world the phrase, “you do not get a second chance to make a first impression,” is critical to understand when designing and launching a new service.  That said, following the six tips should put you well on your way to success.

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