WebRTC Event Highlights the New Era of Communications

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WebRTC Event Highlights the New Era of Communications

By: Ed Elkin, Marketing Director, Advanced Communication Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent

Sure enough, upon arriving at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, it’s clear this is the same stretch of Cobb Parkway where I came every few weeks to the AT&T SDN Control Center – for 1993’s version of SDN.  Then as now, better enterprise communications were needed.  In 1993, the substance of the WebRTC’s conference was a dream, which now becomes 2013’s reality because of two decades’ investment in terrific devices, convenient broadband access and dynamic network cores. 

This was a hot conference, full of diverse views and ideas. At our live demo table, variation was the norm. Visitors spanned from numerous service providers (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Orange, NTT, etc.), to a variety of startups such as Dvisor Hypermedia who are applying gaming’s threaded media to communications, to industry notables such as Intel checking out WebRTC for consumer media units.  Not many enterprises were visibly present, which is a concern because WebRTC will boost their business process efficiency (internal and external) and they need to prepare for how it affects their competitiveness. 

WebRTC attracts innovative web developers, because it is part of a broader move towards a more capable web experience, as discussed by conference keynoter Google.  Our WebRTC solution attracted its fair share of these innovative web developers, because we enable them to more easily use broadband carriers’ distinct value to reach the developers’ target audience.

A shining example of this attraction came from our friends at Vobi.  Mark Castleman (CEO, Vobi) joined us at the conference in order to show his company’s contextual collaboration app.  By ourselves, neither of us could accomplish what was shown.  But together, we showed a sweet demo of how the carrier can answer the critical question, why do people talk? 

In this case, Vobi’s app shows how to conveniently share curated content during the course of conversations.  Face it; we all have enough email “conversations.”  It’s far better to enjoy a new conversation experience that uses new technology to solve this problem of how people collaborate during their conversations.  Check out the demo’s WebRTC video

Mark’s team at Vobi used Alcatel-Lucent’s WebRTC solution.  More personally, the way the folks at Alcatel-Lucent helped Vobi, is because we both have a passion for helping people communicate and we both know the carrier can deliver a more natural and fluid conversation.  Check out this WebRTC opportunity video.

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