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Alcatel-Lucent Launches "Enriching Communications" e-Zine

To help drive the growth of LTE technologies and support operators looking form information on how to approach its challenges, the first edition of the online version of Enriching Communications focuses on business growth through migration the LTE.

Alcatel-Lucent's touchatag Cited for Innovation in RFID Space

Now, five months later, a renewed focus on the product has earned touchatag a 2009 Best Products and Services Award from Network Products Guide. The award is a testament to Alcatel-Lucent's success in being able to adapt its solutions to meet evolving market needs in a next generation communications environment.

NTT Docomo Moving to LTE with Alcatel-Lucent

In order to facilitate that network migration, NTT Docomo has selected Alcatel-Lucent to build its backhaul network for its LTE-based services using the French-American firm's Ethernet transmission solution.

Alcatel-Lucent Teams with HP to Deliver Truly Integrated Communications Solutions

Now, it is looking to leverage HP's expertise to reduce the complexity of the migration process for both service providers and enterprises, as they seek to create and deliver more efficient and truly integrated communications environments.

WiMAX or LTE, Alcatel-Lucent Says the Choice is Yours

So, while it's clear that various industry pundits and participants are staunchly in one corner or the other, network operators faced with the decision as to which 4G technology to choose can at least sleep peacefully, knowing that, in Alcatel-Lucent, they have a willing -- and more than capable -- partner whichever path they choose.

Alcatel-Lucent Maintains Outlook

Earlier this week, Alcatel-Lucent announced its Q1 earnings, which showed a reduction in first-quarter revenue, and a slightly lower gross margin on revenue. While not entirely unexpected, the results caused shares in the Franco-American telecoms gear maker to sink on the news.   Still, Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen, maintained a positive keel, pointing to recent wins in 3G and LTE and increased business from the Asia-Pacific and North American markets.   "This quarter was about putting together the new Alcatel-Lucent. I am pleased with the customer response to our new direction and strategy", he said. "As we discussed before, 2009 will be a year of transition."   "While expected, given seasonality and tough market conditions, we are not pleased with the operating loss incurred in the first quarter," Verwaayen added. "Our guidance for the year remains unchanged and we are taking appropriate actions".     In December, when Verwaayen announced the company's strategic plan, he told analysts that Alcatel-Lucent expected the market for global telecom equipment and related services would be down between 8-12 percent.

Alcatel-Lucent Tops IPTV Market Report for Access, Middleware

Multimedia Research Group (MRG) recently released the most recent edition of its bi-yearly IPTV Market Leaders Report, and has ranked Alcatel-Lucent as the global number one in the domains of IPTV access and IPTV middleware.   This is the second straight such distinction for Alcatel-Lucent.   MRG's report identifies leaders across the following IPTV segments:   ·         Access ·         Video Headend ·         Video-on-Demand ·         Middleware ·         Set-top Box, and ·         Content Protection/Digital Rights Management.   MRG measured the market position of over 100 vendors tracking the actual numbers of active IPTV subscribers that use (or are supported by) their respective products.   "We are delighted to be recognized -- once again -- as the global IPTV access leader by one of the most influential analyst firms in the industry," says Dave Geary, President of Alcatel-Lucent's wireline networks activities.

Alcatel-Lucent Subsidiary Earns JITC Certification

LGS, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent dedicated to serving the U.S. government community, announced today that two products, the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 and 7710 Service Routers, were certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command and will be added to the IPv6 Approved Products List.   LGS designs and delivers Transformed Communications and R&D-based technology solutions to the U.S. government community. Leveraging Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs research and development, LGS challenges itself to "solve the unsolvable" and deliver secure, reliable, standards-based solutions to its customers   The Alcatel-Lucent 7750 and 7710 Service Routers deliver carrier-grade MPLS and Ethernet services:   ·         The 7750 service router family offer up to a terabit of capacity and is characterized with the capability to deliver highly available, simultaneous Layer 2 and Layer 3 service. ·         The 7710 delivers the same multi service functionality of the 7750 in a smaller form factor. The 7710 SR is built for those areas in the network with lesser bandwidth demands, where high availability and flexibility of interface aggregation is required.   For more information about LGS visit

Citizen Media Project Results

Alcatel-Lucent is part of a group of companies that presented the findings of a Europe-wide research project that evaluated ways in which average citizens could become engaged in the creation and development of innovative online applications. Addressing the boom in new user-generated digital content and the new digital formats with which they are shared, the partners investigated in particular the role that the Internet and television play in creating social networks and how these media can influence people's daily lives and foster social change.   The Citizen Media study spanned almost three years and tracked how thousands of non-professionals (those with no prior ICT experience or Internet usage) invented and developed socially-beneficial applications.   In the end, participants from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Norway created a diverse series of applications that were deemed to deliver some social benefit.   The sociologists and engineers who made up the Citizen Media research team were led by Michiel Pelt of Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs in Antwerp who noted, "This is technology upside down. The advantage of working with living labs is that by observing and working with end-users who are designing, developing and deploying their ideas we can quickly turn these inventions into socially relevant innovations that have value to them. Innovations that are built with customers have a higher probability of sustainable market adoption so this type of Open Innovation really pays off."   To view videos, content, etc., feel free to visit the Citizen Media Web site.

Alcatel-Lucent Joins RSA Secured Partner Program

Alcatel-Lucent has joined the RSA Secured Partner Program, which means that moving forward, the company's mobile security solution for enterprises can offer even more security for the mobile workforce by leveraging the industry-leading RSA SecurID two-factor authentication system designed for secure and remote network access.   On a technical level, the news validates technical interoperability between Alcatel-Lucent's OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian (NLG) and the RSA SecurID system. There are currently over 40 million users of RSA SecurID, spanning across 30,000 organizations worldwide.   The OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian mobile security platform leverages 3G networks, a self-powered computing system and an automatic Virtual Private Network (VPN). The solution is designed to enable enterprises to securely manage and track laptops, ensuring that corporate data is not compromised by a lost or stolen laptop. A technical integration between the two solutions further tightens security for enterprise networks.   Back in October, Alcatel-Lucent had announced global availability of a high-speed packet access (HSPA) version of its OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian.   Enterprise IT managers have long faced a challenge when it comes to protecting laptops, and securing the sensitive data they contain whenever laptops leave the confines of the enterprise.   A recent article entitled Eliminating the Mobile Blind Spot - Extending Enterprise Security Coverage and IT Reach with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian labels this as the "mobile blind spot", which falls outside the reach of IT's protective measures. The article offers an in-depth view at the OmniAccess 3500 NLG and a look at some of the benefits of its deployment.  
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