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Alcatel-Lucent Remains a Fixture in Fixed Broadband Access

According to a report from Alcatel-Lucent, one out of every three fixed broadband subscribers around the world is served through an access network provided by the company.   Based on information contained in a recent access report from industry analyst Dell'Oro, Alcatel-Lucent shipped 6.1 million lines in the third quarter of 2008, to maintain its leadership in the DSLAM market (34.9% market share), and growing its worldwide installed base to 180 million lines.   Alcatel-Lucent also maintains a market share of 32.6% in IP DSLAM shipments and 34.2% in VDSL shipments.   According to Dell'Oro Alcatel-Lucent retained its number two status in the overall PON market and number one for GPON largely due to its role as primary supplier of GPON to Verizon as well as having a number of other deployments in Europe and Asia.

Estonia: ALU Helps Elion Deliver Triple Play

Alcatel-Lucent this week announced an agreement with Elion Enterprises Ltd., the largest telecommunications provider in Estonia, to offer an improved triple play (voice, data and video) experience to Elion's customers.   Estonia has one of the highest rates of broadband penetration per capita in the world, and its citizens are savvy consumers of next generation services. Still any technological advance that enables more thorough support and simpler management of the deployed solution is a welcome addition by all parties.   To that end, Alcatel-Lucent will deploy its home network management solution, providing streamlined and automated installation and customer support as well as sophisticated diagnostic information, thus helping Elion reduce its operational costs and improve the quality of experience for its subscribers.   "As they introduce advanced triple-play offerings, service providers open customers' homes to devices and applications that create a more complex home environment. To that end, effective home network management is a must-have," said Lars Boilesen, responsible for Alcatel-Lucent's activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries.    

UK Broadband Feeling Recession Effects

It appears that the global economic malaise is not sparing the UK broadband market.   In April of this year, Point-Topic predicted an additional 800,000 broadband lines would be deployed in the latter half of 2008.   But now, according to Tim Johnson, chief analyst at Point Topic, those numbers are down.   "We're now forecasting that only 620,000 broadband lines will be added in the second half of 2008," Johnson said. "The forecast for 2009 as a whole is 1.1 million, 200,000 down on the earlier forecast."   "To keep on track Britain needed to add 390,000 broadband lines in the July to September quarter.

Testing for Optimal DSL Performance

Earlier this week, at Broadband World Forum Europe in Brussels, Alcatel-Lucent announced that its 5530 Network Analyzer (NA) has evolved to become a single integrated testing solution for DSL-based broadband access networks.   The solution features a customer care interface designed to assist service provider staff to provide immediate support when facing end-user issues, and a Dynamic Line Management (DLM) feature automatically sets DSL lines to work at optimal levels, thus delivering increased stability and service quality.   Driven by increasing triple play demand from end users, DSL lines need to offer higher performance to meet the needs of customers.   The 5530 gives operators greater insight into the loop quality of their DSL lines, giving them greater visibility into potential problems which can be avoided, anticipated or resolved much more quickly.   For more, check out the official announcement from Alcatel-Lucent.
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