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How Can You Reduce Network Costs by Migrating to an IP Infrastructure

By David SimsFor mobile operators, according to Alcatel-Lucent officials, "migrating from a tried and tested TDM environment to an all-IP network offers tremendous opportunities in terms of a lower cost base and a richer applications environment."But it also presents technical...

Using Multi-Vendor Managed Services to Create a Single Point of Accountability

By Susan J. CampbellAs a network operator, it is imperative that you have the necessary tools and manpower to manage a number of vendors, maintenance contracts and required skill sets. Your complexity and costs are consistently increased by the continuous...

Bucking the Status Quo

Businesses across industries today cannot stay in business if they simply maintain the status quo. Network operators in particular must innovate to keep pace with user expectations for services and quality.  To satisfy the ever-growing demand for high-bandwidth content and enhanced...

Best Practices for Managing and Maintaining a Multi-Vendor Network

Every investment in today's cost-conscious climate goes through a lot of scrutiny. That said mobile operators face no shortage of challenges in today's market environment.  In their bid to improve their profitability and maintain their competitiveness, many mobile operators are...

Service Provider Strategies for a Recession and Beyond

Using the latest network technologies from Alcatel-Lucent, network providers are able to build and optimize their networks to seamlessly deliver more services, more reliably, with greater flexibility leveraging converged access technologies and dynamic bandwidth allocation to increase operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon footprint.
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