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IP Transformation Enables Network Operators to Maximize Market Opportunities

The face of the market is changing drastically for the network operator and unless they are willing to change with it and evolve, they will miss out on important opportunities for growth, revenues, profit and even survival. As a result,...

Open API Marries Developers, Service Providers to Same Value Chain

Bringing together developers and service providers together to support the rapid creation and secure testing of new services is the crux of Alcatel-Lucent's integrated application enablement innovation suite. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Alcatel-Lucent's Jeff Cortley, who explained...

How can I enable a single, unified sign on for my customers across multiple screens?

By leveraging technology like Alcatel-Lucent's TPSDA, operators will be able to eliminate the traditional gaps between different devices and different access technologies, unifying all services for their subscribers on a single architecture.
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