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Expose Network Capabilities to Facilitate Innovation on a Smart Network

By Ed SilversteinIn a Web 2.0 world, explosive growth in demand "has created an environment dominated by third-party application and content providers," according to an analysis from Alcatel-Lucent. These ACPs, company officials say, "are not only delivering the applications and...

How Can Industrializing the Onboarding Process Enable Niche Applications?

By Susan J. CampbellThere is much value in a content provider's ability to build and launch new applications on their own network. As a result, network providers are working to ensure content providers, or ACPs, can achieve this goal. To...

Open API Establishes New Relationship Between Network Providers, Third-Party Partners

Inconsistent policies, practices and requirements across multiple networks can make application development a costly and lengthy process.  Supported by a mediation platform, Alcatel-Lucent's Open API Service allows developers, content providers and advertisers to access multiple network capabilities through a single,...

Open API Marries Developers, Service Providers to Same Value Chain

Bringing together developers and service providers together to support the rapid creation and secure testing of new services is the crux of Alcatel-Lucent's integrated application enablement innovation suite. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Alcatel-Lucent's Jeff Cortley, who explained...

Check out the Open API Application Gallery!

Since July, developers who have been using Alcatel-Lucent's Open API Service technology to enhance their work recently released a slew of exciting, sophisticated, next-generation applications.

Mobile Apps to Thrive with Open API

As any network operator and developer in the communications technology space will tell you, services that helps them do their job more quickly and efficiently is always a welcomed addition. And as Web applications increasingly become the hot new tool for developers, more and more end users are deploying Alcatel-Lucent's Open API Service.
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