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Using Multi-Vendor Managed Services to Create a Single Point of Accountability

By Susan J. CampbellAs a network operator, it is imperative that you have the necessary tools and manpower to manage a number of vendors, maintenance contracts and required skill sets. Your complexity and costs are consistently increased by the continuous...

How Can You Reduce OSS/BSS by Choosing the Right Network Integration Partner

By Susan J. CampbellThe rules of the game are changing for the network operator, demanding the selection of an integration partner. This is not only a challenging task, but also an important one as making the right choice can help...

Using Managed Services to Improve Competitiveness

By Susan J. CampbellIn a world where consumers continue to demand more from their network providers, those who are able to deliver on these demands will find they can thrive. Merely wanting to achieve this level is not nearly enough...

Top 5 Attributes of a Strategic Managed Services Provider

Given the competitive nature of the telecom industry, the benefits of a managed services partnership lend themselves well to creating a strategic advantage, as long as operators are diligent as they choose their partners. Given the risk involved, there is no alternative.

Leveraging Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Network Operations and Service Offerings

Given the state of the market, operators need a new strategy to differentiate and compete successfully. Reducing capital and operating expenses and generating new revenue while defining the business models that can help in meeting critical business goals is one...
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