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Best practices for prioritizing next generation services that customers are willing to pay a premium for

The simple fact is that no single company has the resources or the knowledge to effectively understand which on which services they should focus their efforts for maximum uptake and exposure, let alone develop them for the widest possible audience.

Monetizing Web 2.0

So, now that Stage One is well underway, with the user community deeply into the process of integrating Web 2.0 capabilities into their daily routines, the question becomes, how can businesses monetize Web 2.0? How can they join the broadband economy?

Broadband Dependency Creates Bright Future for Multi-Solution Vendors

More specifically, 84 percent of survey respondents agree that broadband is an essential service, making it a less likely target for cost cutting efforts. Perhaps more importantly, subscribers indicate a propensity for upgrading their broadband services -- or, subscribing to a service, for those currently without it.

Alcatel-Lucent Teams with HP to Deliver Truly Integrated Communications Solutions

Now, it is looking to leverage HP's expertise to reduce the complexity of the migration process for both service providers and enterprises, as they seek to create and deliver more efficient and truly integrated communications environments.

Alcatel-Lucent Continues Fixed Broadband Growth

Not only is its growth and overall market share competitively notable, since it comes at the expense of Alcatel-Lucent's competition, but at a time when service providers are more cautious than ever with their investments, retaining the top position provides it increased leverage when the economy finally revives.

WiMAX or LTE, Alcatel-Lucent Says the Choice is Yours

So, while it's clear that various industry pundits and participants are staunchly in one corner or the other, network operators faced with the decision as to which 4G technology to choose can at least sleep peacefully, knowing that, in Alcatel-Lucent, they have a willing -- and more than capable -- partner whichever path they choose.

Alcatel-Lucent Enables WiMAX Deployment in Spain

Alcatel-Lucent is committed to the emerging fourth-generation of wireless. And they seem to like Spain as a venue for making 4G-related news. Last month in Barcelona, Alcatel-Lucent made the headlines when Verizon Wireless named them to a select group of primary...

Infonetics: ALU Among Top Mobile WiMAX Vendors

A recent survey conducted by Infonetics finds that Alcatel-Lucent is among the top vendors in the mobile WiMAX market. According to the survey, which asked Service Providers to name the top equipment suppliers in the space, Alcatel-Lucent, Alvarion, Huawei and Motorola...

Alcatel-Lucent to Focus on LTE

As reported on Friday, Alcatel-Lucent plans to undergo some strategic realignment of its core efforts, and among other things it means that there will be less attention on WiMAX in favor of a strategy that calls for a stronger focus...
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