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Chuck Rutledge
Sr. Mktg & Biz.Development Executive who excels at identifying, and capitalizing, on opportunities that drive revenues & growth. Introduced new products and services, and opened up new markets for Fortune 500 companies & start ups.

April 2009

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Now, Market It

April 26, 2009

Hello TMC readers - I would like to take this opportunity to provide an introduction to my blog. 

Now, Market It - what does this mean?  As a high tech marketing person, I am always interested in how high tech companies utilize marketing.  Though much has been written about marketing in high tech companies, I have found the spectrum of views on high tech marketing remarkably vast.  In some companies marketing is core to its strategy - and in others it is the organization that manages the website and trade shows.

In high tech industries there is so much focus on the technology that I don't think marketing is always an integral part of the strategic planning process.  Often marketing is thought about when it is time to bring a solution to market.  The technology has been transformed into a product or service - "Now, Market It".

As with so many things in high tech businesses, marketing has unique challenges.  Marketing is both a science and an art - it requires an understanding of the analytical and the creative.  It is complicated by the fact that different marketing strategies are required based on a variety of factors including where the technology is in the Technology Adoption Life Cycle.  Marketing is dynamic and multi-dimensional.  It requires continual adaptation and an understanding that markets are both global and local. 

Marketing is appropriately a key component to strategic planning and for supporting innovation in any high tech company.