High-tech B2B Messaging for Humans

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High-tech B2B Messaging for Humans

Take a look a random look at web sites of high-tech B2B companies.  Have you noticed how many high-tech B2B companies have weak messaging based on the technology they sell?  An unfortunately large number have messaging based on technical capabilities and features.  Even the images are often of equipment – 1U “pizza boxes” or racks of servers.  Some have pictures of people using generic technology such as a laptop or a mobile phone.

The problem with this approach is that it says nothing unique about the company, or their solutions.  It is also uninteresting, doing very little, if anything, to covey the company’s message in a unique way to get above the noise.  Sadly, many high-tech B2B companies’ web sites look all too similar.

It is not enough to identify the problem being solved – it is critical to show how the company provides a solution that is uniquely better than the alternatives available to the target market. 

This should be obvious, but it is amazing how many companies take this technology-based approach.  Perhaps it is simply a lack of willingness to put in the effort and imagination required to create compelling messaging that conveys a company’s differentiation on all levels.  Or, perhaps it is a belief that the differentiation is so obvious that prospective customers will discover it on their own once they have read through the details.

Prospective B2B customers are as much human as consumers are, and appreciate being able to quickly relate to a company's value proposition on a human level.  Ask yourself, does your marketing:

-       Identify how you solve customer’s problems for your target market better than your competition?

-       Have a complete messaging architecture that highlights the differentiation?

-       Have an over-arching concept that communicates and captures your differentiation on a conceptual level that is unique and memorable?

-       Support your value proposition with words and visual elements that communicate on a human, personal level – as opposed to simply describing the technology.

Conceptual human messaging is much more memorable than technical feature descriptions and pictures of technology.  Be creative – Be human.

What are your thoughts?

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