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Chuck Rutledge
Sr. Mktg & Biz.Development Executive who excels at identifying, and capitalizing, on opportunities that drive revenues & growth. Introduced new products and services, and opened up new markets for Fortune 500 companies & start ups.

December 2011

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The Marketing Silver Bullet

December 17, 2011

Recently, I encountered an all too common frustrating marketing scenario.  It’s often a situation found in small companies, but I have seen it in medium sized companies as well.  I refer to it as the ‘marketing silver bullet.’  It is the concept that with a simple single stroke of well directed marketing, business will take off and money will instantly come streaming in the door.

The marketing silver bullet is rooted in the thought that the product or service concept is so great, so intuitively obviously great, that with a simple well designed exposure, customers will come running.