March is Road Trip Month

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March is Road Trip Month

Lots of travel the next 7 weeks.

  • Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I am attending Future of Web Apps in Miami Beach.
  • March 6 is the webinar How to Sell SAAS with HyperOffice. (There is a webinar with NeuStar about Recursive DNS in March as well. Email me for more info or to register).
  • Then March 9 through 12, I am in Vegas for Channel Partners, where I am moderating a panel on Virtual Office.
  • NCTA is holding an executive forum in Tampa from March 16-18.
  • VoiceCon is in Orlando on March 17-20.
  • An ISP association is meeting in Orlando on March 20.
  • I'll have copies of my book with me every where I go :)

The one show I am skipping is CompTel. Why? SSDD. It never changes. CompTel needs fresh air. The speakers hardly change: Sherm, Crowe, Arunas. Oh, and Deb Tate. What can she add? She has voted against every CLEC issue at the FCC. (Will they hit her with a whip cream pie? That would be worth going for.) But to listen to old-timers talk about the business that hasn't changed much in 10 years is boring. What have CLEC's done for you lately?

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