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April 2008

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Bandwidth Hogs

April 28, 2008

According to Om's article about P2P and Broadband Usage, Arbor Networks data shows that Pareto's Principle works:

On fixed and mobile broadband networks where consumer services are provided (i.e., NOT interprovider or typical dedicated Internet access for commercial enterprises):

  • 10% of subscribers consume 80% of bandwidth.
  • 0.5% of subscribers consume about 40% of total bandwidth.
  • 80% of subscribers use less than 10% of bandwidth

How to deal with the 20% is the problem ISP's face. Comcast throttles P2P, which is about 20% of the traffic. Video is another big chunk.

PM and Collaborate

April 25, 2008

Having worked on committees, I can tell you that email and listserv usage make for a really challenging way to run a project. Now that I am in Chicago managing an MPLS migration, I realize that Microsoft doesn't have decent tools for this either. Outlook and MS Project help to schedule stuff and create a time-line, but when you want to look at spreadsheets or other docs, it's still cumbersome.

I have used a Wiki, which wasn't perfect, but it has a version manager, so you know what changed and by whom.

Is Peering Breaking Down?

April 21, 2008

We have seen Cogent have peering disputes with Level3 and Telia. There are scuffles regularly, usually about the size of the peering point. Obviously, the "Tier 1" providers would rather sell transit that offer Peering. There's no money in Peering.

The Playbook

April 15, 2008

Every year, sales gets harder and harder. Finding qualified salespeople (the closers and hunters) is challenging. Then try to find someone who can lead or manage the salespeople. Sales Leadership is an elusive thing.

More Video

April 15, 2008

More and more video is moving to the web. Besides YouTube and all the wannabe's, porn, TV shows, movie downloads, and more. I'm sure you have seen the flash movie ads on sites like The average web page used to be under 100K, now it is over 1MB.

The Microsoft Response Point

April 14, 2008

At Voicecon, John at Aastra showed me the nifty new Asterisk based PBX that was just introduced. Aastra also offers Microsoft's Response Point PBX, the key system replacement for 5 to 50 employees. The MS RP system is about $2750 -- about the same cost as PBX systems from other vendors in the Small Biz space. If Aastra offered me a choice of Asterisk or Microsoft, it would be a no-brainer to go Asterisk.

Digital Life with no insurance

April 14, 2008

We live in the Digital Age. Digital music, photos, e-cards, downloaded movies, etc. The mementos of life are now just electrons. Not many cards, letters, film. Nothing tangible.

Here's the kicker: Most people don;t have back-up either.


April 14, 2008

The world of landlines for the phone companies is a diminishing return. Telcos hold on to every revenue stream until the very end. I mean, Bell Labs discovered ISDN and DSL in the mid-1960's, but it took years to make it to market. Why cannibalize the $1500 T1 business?

IP - no the other IP

April 7, 2008

My friend is kind of a patent attorney. He just got back from BarCamp Orlando (350 strong!). When he and I discuss Web 2.0, the one thing lacking is IP protection. Sure, everyone uses distributed computing in clouds and clusters, but no one stops to think about Intellectual Property rights.

OpenID and Vidoop

April 7, 2008

Satellite Radio

April 2, 2008

You really should vet the material that you put in federal filings. Vonage learned that when they explained their technology enough in their IPO paperwork to enlist a patent infringement case from, well, everyone. In the Sirius-XM merger, it seems that neither company was operating within the 1997 FCC rules that established their charter. (How very RBOC of them).

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