768k - now that's fast!

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768k - now that's fast!

The FCC has updated its definition of broadband from the clunky 200K to the new, faster 768k. Telecomweb reports:

"The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), following years of criticism and threats of Congressional action, yesterday finally issued an order scrapping its previous definition of "broadband" as any service delivering of at least 200 Kb/s. .... The order, to be implemented by new rules to be issued within 120 days, sets 768 Kb/s as the minimum speed for what the FCC is now calling "basic" broadband, which extends up to 1.5 Mb/s. Slower speeds, from the old 200 Kb/s definition of broadband up to 768 Kb/s are redefined as "first generation data." In addition, the FCC said it will now require broadband providers to report subscriber totals for individual higher speed tiers, which it didn't give names to, of; 1.5 Mb/s - 3 Mb/s; 3 Mb/s - 6 Mb/s; and above 6 Mb/s."

Obviously, like everything else in government, this will result in More paperwork for the providers which is a huge burden on my clients, the smaller service providers.

This new definition means that the EVDO cards are not truly Broadband any more, since in many places it is 70K to 300k. The cellcos better re-do the advertising. Oh, wait, they don't care if they are truthful of not.

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