ISP throttling and DPI

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ISP throttling and DPI

We in the US have ISP's that are throttling users, metering users, and adding DPI (deep packet inspection) to the network. Most of it is causing a stir.

It has often been said that this is an FTC issue about False Advertising than it is an FCC issue. At the FCC, everything is grey. And rules change on a dime, especially with the current Chair. (When's he leaving?) And any laws about Privacy or Network Neutrality or Management will either be too difficult to enforce, too costly, or take too long to get a desirable outcome. Look we already have Common Carriage laws in place that are not being enforced. Why add more?

An aside to this is that the DMCA that gives the Common carrier protection, but if you perform DPI, you know what is traversing your network -- are you still a common carrier?

For what we in the US pay for Internet bandwidth, we should have the Unlimited usage that the ISP is selling us. RoadRunner is getting $58 per month from me with fees. That's enough to buy a 5MB port from Cogent. ISP's are getting to be like Airlines - hidden fees, deep customer dissatisfaction, pricing that makes no sense, and little to no choice for the consumer. It's good to see Deregulation work so well in so many industries (internet, telephone, cable, radio, newspapers, and airlines).

Perhaps if the same Joes didn't keep rotating around the Industry. Politicians are in it for life. McCain has been in the Senate for over 20 years. Kennedy too. CEO's go from Sprint to BellSouth to Embarq la-dee-da. No fresh blood anywhere in an economic and technological environment that is degrees different than 1987. But I'm just ranting now. Sorry.

Do you think ISP's should throttle? Or should they just kick off the disrupters?

Is DPI okay? I mean they wiretap everything already.

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