Why Hasn't SAAS Taken Off

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Why Hasn't SAAS Taken Off

Why North American Enterprises Aren't Interested in SaaS (according to Networld World mag)

According to a Forrester Research survey, these are the top 8 reasons why companies say "No Thanks" to SaaS.

Percent Reason

  • 66% Integration issues
  • 61% Total cost of ownership concerns
  • 55% Lack of customization
  • 50% Security concerns
  • 42% "We can't find the specific application we need"
  • 39% Complicated pricing models
  • 39% Application performance
  • 34% "We're locked in with our current vendor"

The security concerns and pricing models are the only thing in the hands of the people selling SAAS. Over at InfoWeek, there's an article about what people who use SAAS like. About 70% of business tech professionals were satisfied with the Software-as-a-service that they were using. That's a pretty high number.

So if it is matched up well -- needs with the proper service -- it's a win 70% of the time. That's hopeful for all the VC's, execs, and sales folks in the SAAS sector.

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