Interns, Mentoring, and Your Company

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Interns, Mentoring, and Your Company

Dan Caruso writes about how his company Zayo is working with the University of Colorado and Entrepreneurship. Zayo will take interns and develop the entrepreneur spirit. What a great way to promote your company, get some promising talent, and give back.

My question is Why aren't more companies doing that? Talent Acquisition and Retention are a real challenge today. As healthcare costs and gas prices rise, it will be even harder to retain talent. (For those that will ask: because people will want to commute less and/or tele-work that not all companies or positions are capable of handling and when you cut benefits, you lose good people). So why not develop talent? I have often wondered if I could take JA (Junior Achievement) students at the high school level and train them in sales and telecom.

Wouldn't some of your employees want to mentor a promising student?

Feedback on this would be appreciated.

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