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Advertising, Revenue and Content

With the Comcast Appeal ruling on Network DVR, it will mean that our 1 hour shows will likely be 30 minutes content and 30 minutes commercials instead of the current 42/18. It also means more re-runs, reality TV, infomercials, and "product placement".

TV is no more ready to change its model than motion pictures or the music biz. Everyone cries that the Internet and Piracy ruined their business. Boo hoo! It is happening to every industry, so shut up and go re-invent. Call Tom Peters he might help you.

The Network DVR wil change a lot of things. I think the broadcast flag will be on and you won't be able to record everything, like with the new TiVo update. Metering is ALL about revenue models. Cable companies make more money from advertising and TV than from the Internet. People are moving to VOD and TV on demand via the Internet -- that diminishes returns for the MSO. Hence, metering - even when its partner, NBC, is yelling about metering messing with its model for the Olympics. Can you see where this is going?

Just look at this ad spending forecast from USA Today.

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