Best Kept Sprint Secret

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Best Kept Sprint Secret

Here's something to do: surf over to and try to find any wireline services. After 5 minutes of searching Business Services, navigation takes you to for Sprint's MPLS offering. On that page, you can find info about MPLS, VPN, IP Convergence, and Internet Access. Yesterday, Sprint gave a presentation to re-affirm to agents that Sprint was still in the wireline game. Of course, Sprint still has a robust backbone, it is what the cellular network runs on. It is also the backbone for Sprint's MSO partners for voice termination. The problem I see (that I expressed to the Sprint team present) is that during a 45 minute presentation about Wireline, 20 minutes of it was about Wireless Convergence, so the message that Sprint is a Wireline company is not very clear. And if you can't convince the agent, how do you convince Enterprise CIO's who have been trouble choosing Sprint for WAN options due to its lack of focus on wireline and its shaking financial situation. It's an uphill road for Sprint.

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