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Invitations Noise

I don't know how many of you are on LinkedIn or Facebook but it has been a strange couple of weeks. Before I left for IT Expo West, I was getting duplicate invites from several people that I did not know. The unusual part was the duplicates. So I replied to each invite asking for information about what list my email address was on. No reply from the 7 or so folks. Flying back from LA, it's a week later, still no reply. Why invite me to your network, if you don't use it or check it?

Also, LinkedIn has started allowing anyone to create a group. And they have. 494 groups when you search telecom. Ridiculous. That's like buying a new screwdriver and hammer at Sears each time you assemble Saunders furniture. Use the tools that are there and stop creating excess noise.

It would be great if one invite would say something like: "Peter, I joined GotchaNetworks. The discussion about LTE was great and I have discovered one or two prospects." Then I can understand the invite. But the canned invite because every time someone joins a group or network they upload the whole contact list is patently absurd.  And another lazy thing is the newsletter. You join networks and people add you to their newsletter. It would be fine if there was any value to these "communications" but they come off as marketing fluff. Tell me what you are up to. What topic are you following or finding interest in (or scaring you - no politics or religion please). How about what you get from the network we are both in?

While this is some ranting, the lesson is about Marketing and Persuasion. If you want people to read your stuff, to not think that you are just interrupting them like an email tele-marketer, Respect their time. How to do that? Give value. Think about the message you are sending.

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