Fairpoint Rural IPTV

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Fairpoint Rural IPTV

Fairport is trialing out IPTV in a New Hampshire town. As DSLR points out, VZ couldn't (or wouldn't) roll out fiber to the New England tri-state region, but Fairpoint thinks it can. How when Fairpoint got stuck with such huge debt over the deal with VZ that the PUC offices of the 3 states weren't certain that Fairpoint could remain solvent.

Fairpoint doesn't have much choice as TWC has launched digital voice service in region causing POTS line loss for Fairpoint. With the economy, some folks (about 25%) are shutting POTS lines in favor of a cellular only option for voice. This also does not help Fairpoint, Embarq, CenturyTel, and Windstream.

Meanwhile, Jim Crowe, telecom visionary and CEO at Level3, pontificates that the overall industry is healthy at the Colorado Broadband Summit. Just some players are sick.

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