IT Expo in a Week

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IT Expo in a Week

I am looking forward to Miami Beach next week. I'll be leaving the chaos of Tampa in the midst of Super Bowl 43 on Sunday because flying out Monday was too expensive (and crazy). So I'll be in Miami Beach (staying at the host hotel, the Royal Palm) and watching the game at a neighborhood bar. If you are in town, ping me on twitter.

Have you checked out the Facebook page for IT Expo/4GWR?  Bowling party courtesy of DIDX on Tuesday evening.  And if you are looking to have dinner with some interesting people drop me a note - we will be at Meat Market on Monday night and Icebox on Tuesday.

There are plenty of no-charge reasons to go to the show: Microsoft Response Point training; Reseller Solutions Day (or How to Make Money with VOIP)  and this IS the place to learn about SIP Trunking.

Well, got to run and write some more notes for my keynote, The Road Ahead, at 4 PM on Tuesday for Telecom Agent Day.

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