Subsidized 3G Netbooks

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Subsidized 3G Netbooks

AT&T and Dell and ASUS have brought you the subsidized 3G networks. According to, Dell is offering the Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 With 2 Year Ma Bell Contract.

"Acer is offering an Aspire One for $99 (normally $500) to users willing to sign a two year contract for any AT&T data plan of $60/month or higher. Now, rather unsurprisingly, Dell is also offering their new Inspiron Mini 9 netbook for $99 (after $350 mail in rebate) if you sign up for the same AT&T plan

Will mini PC's replace Smart phones? Why didn't PC makers add a 3G chipset to laptops so a similar subsidy? Why isn't Sprint all over this?

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