Sutus Delivers a Stimulus Plan of its own

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Sutus Delivers a Stimulus Plan of its own

Small Business wins as Sutus announces new lower pricing for  'Office in a box' technology

All-in-one Telephony and Data Communications vendor announces SOHO-grade pricing for award-winning Business Central device

January 27th, 2009, Vancouver, B.C. Sutus Inc., the company behind the Sutus Business Central™, a unique all-in-one device that combines all the Telephony, data and networking features required to run a modern-day office, today announced pricing that dramatically reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) for small businesses. The new pricing opens the door for any small business, from start-ups to established, mature companies, to leverage the benefits of enterprise-grade advanced telephony and networking technology.  The pricing, which makes the Business Central the most competitive small business solution on the market, starts from a MSRP of $2199 (USD). 

The Sutus Business Central™ has been developed specifically for businesses of up to 25 employees and comprises a wide array of advanced telephony, data and networking functions.  It includes a business-class phone system, file server, email server, router, firewall, wireless access point, VPN remote access server, and automated backups. It has the ability to simultaneously support both standard phone line and VoIP connections and comes with an array of business productivity features.

Shawn Chute, EVP of Sutus, said, "Now more than ever, small businesses need an affordable, reliable solution that meets their IT and communication requirements and can grow with them.  Sutus has always been the "all-in-one" solution that is easy to install, use and manage, added to these advantages now is the fact that we have the most affordable all-in-one IT and communications product available for small businesses."

The Business Central also performs the tasks of a gateway or edge device, enabling both Sutus and its business partners to seamlessly deliver a wide range of turnkey hosted services, such as remote device management, VoIP, back-up and disaster recovery.

Sometimes known as an 'office-in-a-box', the Business Central is a Multi-service Business Gateway.  InStat qualifies Multi-service Business Gateways (MSBG) as hardware which combines phone systems with other mission-critical components like routers and servers, and has estimated the market at US$615 million in 2007 and projected to rocket to US$2.6 billion by 2010.

SUTUS is looking for Agents and VAR's to offer its product to small business. Do you understand that the Business Central box handles all of the functions of a pile of blue boxes and services? See SUTUS at the Miami IT EXPO EAST next week. Or contact Mike Cassidy at SUTUS at 925.274.1380

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