AT&T Striking and Hiding

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AT&T Striking and Hiding

It looks like AT&T is heading for a strike. Most people at AT&T I know have already been cross trained (I use that term loosely) to handle union jobs. A wholesale account manager will be heading to Michigan to be a T1 installer. Nice. Glad I don't have any AT&T orders in the system.

Also, it looks like AT&T is keeping its sales meetings quiet. (No logos. No banners.) I guess they are afraid that if the union or press get wind of the mega-bucks parties that they threw in Dallas in January and next month in Miami, that there might be trouble. The 94 Solution Providers that won Champion awards are set to meet at the Diplomat in April.

There has been much discussion about ethics in the channel. How ethical is it for carrier channel managers to poach agents and deals away from master agencies to move them to "preferred" Champions? This has been going on for some time. It doesn't say much about the Integrity of people in the Channel. And if you are a Master Agent who benefits from poaching, it comes around. The only thing anyone at Bell is loyal to is there own pocketbook. When you start slipping -- and they all do -- you will be thrown by the wayside and picked apart -- to help build up the next "preferred" partner.

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