The Ultimate Hosted VoIP Service

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The Ultimate Hosted VoIP Service

What's the perfect VoIP Service?

I have seen so many VoIP Providers, I can't keep track. But that also means that the VoIP providers are not doing a very good job of Messaging, Positioning and Differentiating their offerings.

The only VoIP provider I know that has married Hosted Exchange with Broadsoft is Simple Signal. It makes sense to me because what is UM (unified messaging) but voicemail to email - everything in one box.

Google Voice does it as well. One inbox for Gmail and Google Voice. And GV has some nice features like a transcript of your voicemail; recording calls; and more.

Recently, I read that a company had instituted a who-is-calling-please response into every call before th ephone rings. I love this! No more dumb dialers. No more UNKNOWN or OUT OF AREA on the Caller ID.

Quick rant: I pay Verizon $22.35 for Worksmart which includes Caller ID, but most of the time it is Unknown. WTH? How does it not even known when AT&T calls me? Or almost any other CLEC? Lazy. That's why you are losing customers.

Presence (not to be confused with tele-presence) was supposed to integrate IM/chat, email, mobile and desktop phone. I haven't seen much of that in real world implementation. (I understand why, but I'm just pointing it out).  Skype does a decent job of video, voice or chat - plus recording, but it isn't a phone line replacement service.

Broadsoft has allowed many ITSP's to hook to Why not offer a hosted CRM software that is married to your PBX and email offering? VoIP is just one application.
  • HD Voice
  • conference-on-demand (web and video)
  • call blocking
  • Portal as easy as AT&T CallVantage
  • call logs that can match up caller ID
Obvously, the usual features are still a must-have, including:
  • simultaneous ring
  • find-me-follow-me
  • 3-way calling
  • caller ID
  • voicemail
  • vm-to-email
  • call forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
Chime in. I would love to hear from you:
  • what you are doing
  • who has the best message
  • are you a cutting edge ITSP
M5 announced that the marriage of the M5 Genband-based Hosted PBX with and Call Metrics has been a hit.

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