8x8 Co-Brands Aastra Phones

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8x8 Co-Brands Aastra Phones

6755i8x8.jpgAfter a profitable quarter, 8x8 reaches an agreement with Aastra to co-brand a phone at Office Depot.

"The 8x8/Aastra 6755i Virtual Office IP phone replaces the Virtual Office ST2118 analog business phone which Office Depot had previously been carrying. These plug-and-play IP telephones serve as endpoints for the 8x8 Virtual Office hosted IP PBX business phone service, currently in use by over 16,000 companies. 8x8 Virtual Office provides businesses with a complete, enterprise class phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX and roughly half the cost of traditional business phone service."8x8 gained $1.4M in income on $15.8 million in revenue in 3Q08.

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