Alltel Assets Going to AT&T

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Alltel Assets Going to AT&T

How does this work?
"AT&T Inc said Friday it will buy the bulk of Alltel Wireless assets being divested by Verizon Communications Inc for $2.35 billion, and will sell some Centennial Communications Corp assets to Verizon Wireless for $240 million." [telecomengine]
When they say divest assets, it's suppose to increase competition. Swapping assets between the two biggest players is not what was meant. "Verizon previously had said more than 30 companies had expressed interest in the Alltel assets." I guess only one was REALLY interested. (This burns my rear. Copps needs to say something - maybe block Ma Bell from buying Centennial.

Also, one is CDMA (VZW) and the other GSM (ATT). How do they even use the assets purchased?
"Under terms of the deal, AT&T will buy licenses, network assets and 1.5 million subscribers in 79 service areas, mostly rural areas in 18 states, the company said in a statement. .... Verizon now expects to buy former Centennial wireless properties, including licenses, network assets and nearly 120,000 subscribers in five service areas in Louisiana and Mississippi."

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