XO at the Tech Data Expo

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XO at the Tech Data Expo

I received an invite yesterday from XO to come down to the Tech Data Expo at the Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg FL. ADTRAN shared the booth with XO at this event. Surprisedly, the other two carriers that distribute through Tech Data had assigned booth space, but were absent. 

XO is a good fit for Tech Data. While I think the XO catalog is too large to know well - wireless, hosting, IP, VOIP, transport, collocation and more - the VAR's at Tech Data vary so much in what they do and what would complement their business that the wide selection helps - IF you can get in front of them and remind them throughout the year how they can take advantage of the additional revenue stream. 

For many VAR's the advantage of XO through Tech Data is that there's no contract (especially for those VAR's already under contract with Ma or Pa Bell) and with Tech Data as the "master agency", it isn't likely you need to worry about your residual check.  (And now that XO has converted their debt, it is in a good position going forward, which other debt laden CLEC's can't say).

Many VAR's are already in the PBX space and were asking about SIP. I wasn't sure if they actually grasp the concept of SIP or that they just know enough to be dangerous. The biggest difference between a PRI and a SIP Trunk is Inter-Operability. PRI is a standard with two available configurations that work with almost all the PBX's on the market. SIP Trunk is a spec - a collection of a lot of RFC's that have to work together just right to provide dial-tone. Broadsoft, the softswitch that XO is using, has tested inter-operability on many IP-PBX systems. Not so for other SIP Trunk vendors. So before you sell that SIP Trunk make certain that the IP-PBX model will inter-op with your SIP trunking vendor. It's a mess if it won't work.

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