Google Giving Voice to Startups

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Google Giving Voice to Startups

In a short article in INC magazine, one entrepreneur explains how he uses Google Voice for his startup business. He is a straddler - he has a full-time job while launching his own business. 

As noted by Ring Central, many of the features in Google Voice have been available for a while from VoIP Providers. However, it's partially the brand (it's Google) and partially the price (um, free). Once Google allows number portability, it will be tough to beat. Why?

For one thing, Raving Fans. Google has a lot of Raving Fans. And those fans tell stories about the service - even better than a testimonial. Who is your storyteller?

For another, easy explanations about what each feature is on the product page, the help pages, and on fan pages. Could your Grandmother understand what youare offering?

Another would be the brand. Most VoIP Providers don't do much marketing, even less branding. The only exception is Vonage. The other might be 8x8. Do the businesses in your local Chamber of Commerce recognize your company name (or product name)?

What are you doing to counter these factors?

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