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There's a lot of buzz about TEM in the Industry now. Telecom Expense Management. It's about controlling the costs of telecom. It's a big expense especially for multi-location and Enterprise companies. 

TAM is telecom asset management which means it tracks cell phones and laptop data cards. Some TAM also tracks laptops, including Lojack style software to delete info from smartphones and laptops.

TEM is is used to track the following:
  1. Contract expiration - so you can notify the carrier before the auto-renewal kicks in
  2. Contract terms - how much, how long, etc.
  3. Billing reconciliation - 10% of all bills are wrong I am told.
  4. Hidden charges -  I'm doing a panel on this - many hidden charges.
  5. Circuit location - circuits don't routinely get disconnected as they should. If you close an office or downsize, you want to do the same with the circuits
  6. Spending - are conferencing, long distance or cellular minutes increasing?
Today, businesses need to contain costs. TEM is the way to do that. For agents, it's another way to be valuable and to make some dough.

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