Telecom Billing Issues

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Telecom Billing Issues

I moderated a panel on Telecom Billing Issues at Channel Partners this week. It was a full room. Apparently, one or two people thought it was too hard on the carriers (or I was too hard on a carrier). 

If you have been in telecom for more than a year (and have any voice customers) then you know that there are billing issues. Heck, even on simple IP or transport bills there are errors and surprises. And by surprises I mean line items that aren't obvious.

One carrier in the audience to offense to some of the panel discussion, but what it boils down to is that they don't charge what it costs to deliver a minute of service. The numerous extra line items (other than legitimate federal, state, county and city taxes and USF fees) are just ways to make a profit - but confusing the customer. As I said on the panel, if it actually costs 4 cents to deliver a call, why not just charge 4 cents instead of quoting 1 cent then adding $80 in additional charges? 

Airlines are the only ones nickel and diming the consumer.

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