FTC Blogger Guidelines

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FTC Blogger Guidelines

Recently the FTC decided that there should be more transparency in blogging (and other new media platforms). So as a blogger I have to spell out my relationship with anyone I write about. 

I started as a BellSouth agent in 1999. My disdain for AT&T comes from having to deal with their poor attitude towards agents -- and paying proper commissions. So when I am beating on their head, it's because they are, in my opinion, horrible to deal with as  company and as an agent. It's all about revenue and not about relationships at all. Plus, I can't tell you how many times AT&T has tried to get me to either change what I wrote or to stop writing about them altogether.

Verizon - I finally stopped sending them a check this month. My POTS line was just moved over to a local Broadsoft based provider, PBX-Change. My CallVantage line is porting over to FreedomVoice. I have consulted for both these companies (as well as numerous other VoIP companies, CLEC's and ISP's - that's what I do). Verizon is premium priced and inflexible. As an agent, I don't even try to sell their services; I go through resellers.

Aastra was kind enough to give me a demo phone this year.

Microcorp is one of the Master Agencies that I run my telecom circuits through. The others are JBS and NCG. I have direct relationships with a few carriers like Point1/Unipoint, Network Innovations, and a few others.

I'll try to be clear as we go forward. (That fine of $11000 scares me, because defending it would cost even more).

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